The benefits of a habitual sports practice far exceed the cost that this generates, more and more companies understand and bet on the change:

For the employee it entails a series of benefits:

  • Physiological: Improvement of the cardiovascular, respiratory and locomotor systems. Endorphins are released that increase the desire for achievement, dedication and resistance to frustration. There is an increase of the adrenaline that supposes an increase of the autonomy, initiative and motivation.
  • Psychological: It increases the sensation of well-being, improves the body image, self-esteem and potentiates the corporal knowledge as well as the perception of the effort and self-control of the same.
  • Social: Enables a greater relationship with the people of the environment, meeting new people and establishing friendships. It promotes healthy hygiene habits and acquires knowledge favorable to everyday life.

For the company is another series of benefits:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Employee loyalty and brand feeling.
  • Improvement of punctuality.
  • Reduction of work absenteeism.
  • Decreased stress and improved work environment (interdepartmental relations).

From Globalfitstyle we propose regular activities that are the ones that will be developed weekly or occasional activities or team buildings that will be realized of occasional way.